Friday, December 02, 2005

Lord Venkateswara

అదిగొ అల్లదిగో శ్రీహరి వాసము..
పది వేల శేషుల పడగల మయము
The abode of Lord Venkateswara, Tirupati located in Telugu land, enveloped by seven hills known as Venkatadri, Anjanadri, Vrishabadri, Seshadri, Garudadri, Vrushadri and Narayanadri represent seven hoods of Lord Vishnu's Serpent. This temple is aptly called "heaven on the Earth" (Bhooloka Vaikuntam) is dweeling of rare biological species and geological marvels apart from it's unparalalled spiritual significance.

Silatoranam at Titupaty is a rare Geological marvel formed hundreds of million years ago. The shapes of the rocks are spellbinding; the rocks are formed – yes formed, not chiseled – in the shape of conch (shankha), disk (chakra) and Namam.

The arch has a length of 25 feet, and a height of 10 feet. In fact, devotees believe that the self-manifest idol of Lord Venkateswara appeared through this bed of rocks, leaving an arch in its place. The lone watchman atop this hill points out some striking evidences on the rocky ledges around this arch that goes to substantiate this legend .

Only two such arches exist elsewhere in the world - the Rainbow Arch in Utah, USA, and the other being the Daldradian Quartzite of Great Britain.

Telugus always feel proud to have Lord Venkateswara in their land as much as in their heart.